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Best place to get plants on the Oregon Coast is at the Lincoln County Master Gardener’s Annual Plant Sale (LCMGA Sale). The sale is typically the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. You will find the best plants around at the best prices. Here’s why you don’t ever want to miss this event again:


All the plants are grown locally

When you live on the coast, that’s a really big deal. If you get your plants in Corvallis, the only thing you can be sure of is that they grow in Corvallis. As you know, the valley and coastal climates are very different.  Just because that variety grows well in the valley does not guarantee it will grow well on the coast.

The plants for sale at the LCMGA Sale are selected for hardiness in our coastal area and were grown here. Whether it’s veggies, natives, ornamentals or herbs – they have a huge selection to choose from.


A portion of the native plant section. Photo by Rebecca Hooper

Advice from local Master Gardeners

Ever wish you had an expert available to answer your questions when selecting plants for your garden? That is exactly what you’ll get at the LCMGA Sale. Heck, you’ll may likely be talking to the person who grew the plant you’re eyeing!

Not sure what type of native to grow in your yard and attract native pollinators? Or have experienced failure every time you tried to grow a tomato on the coast? No problem. Answers to your questions and expert tips are available from some of the nicest gardeners you’ll ever meet.

Photo of veggie section by Rebecca Hooper


The selection is mind blowing!

This year there were four plant sections: Natives, Ornamentals, Veggies, Sedums, and Herbs. The pictures below are just of the Ornamental section!


Photos of ornamental plant section by Rebecca Hooper

In addition, Master Bee Keepers were on hand to answer questions on pollinators and there was a garage sale of gardening goodies.


My haul from the plant sale. Photo by Rebecca Hooper

It’s a fundraiser

All the money raised from the event goes to support the Lincoln County Master Gardener™ Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the statewide Master Gardener™ program administered by Oregon State University Extension.

Bring your big wallet. I filled my car… twice!





Tips for taking on the sale

There seems to be two types of buyers and thus approaches to the sale.  Below are tips to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Best selection

  • Get in line early. The sale starts at 9am. Get in line by 8:30, at the latest. Yes, there will be a line!
  • Bring your own wagon/cart. There will be wagons available for use but they go quickly.
  • Determine which category of plants is most important to you. Ornamentals, natives, veggies or herbs – then go to that section first. Ornamentals and tomatoes are HOT and many sell out in the first hour.
  • There are signs. Look up! Its easy to get entranced by all the beautiful plants – there are signs hanging above each area. Look up to see which section you want to hit first.

Best prices

  • Show up during the last two hours. Some plants will be deeply discounted – some to $1! The later you go, the more plants that will be marked down.
  • The last hour: look outside the front door for plants in pots, on the ground. They are freebies!


I’m the latter. If it’s not on sale, it’s not for sale. 🙂 Which approach will you take next year?


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