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About - An Oregon Coast Garden

Geeky gardeners on the Oregon Coast.


Are you – a recent transplant to the beautiful Oregon Coast but are overwhelmed with gardening in this climate?

We’re in the same boat! This blog shares our endeavors, trials, errors and solutions while learning to garden in this gorgeous region. 


Do you – have gardening dilemmas in our coastal climate?

As newbies to the coast, we have come across numerous issues that are completely foreign to us. As a result, we’ve spent a lot time researching, talking to local gardeners and taking classes to find solutions to these issues.


Have you – read a lot of articles but just want to see those recommendations in action?

We wished we could have seen all the amazing recommendations we’ve read too. Fascinating concepts like attracting predator insects to avoid using pesticides for pesky insects – but what does that really look like? This blog will be full of pictures AND descriptions of our attempts at gardening.

Are you a geeky gardener too?

If you answered yes to any of the above – this blog was written for YOU!

This blog will include:


  • Real life examples of endeavors, trials, errors and solutions with lots of pictures.


  • Science-based resources provided on all of our projects. Just so you know we aren’t making this up, completely, as we go along.


  • Interviews with local gardeners and experts for awesome tips and tricks.



  • Pictures with descriptions and locations cited for inspirational resources.

Who’s behind An Oregon Coast Gardener?

Introducing Rebecca Hooper…


Howdy – I’m the creator of An Oregon Coast Garden!

You may be wondering, what kind of expertise does Rebecca have in gardening along the Oregon Coast? Well, the short answer is none. 🙂 On the Oregon Coast, that is. I’ve created some kick ass gardens in wonky climates across the country and even in Central America! Now I’m going to rock the Oregon Coast – yeehaw!


Here’s the rest of the story:

My husband, Stephen, and I moved to the Newport, Oregon area from New Mexico in 2015. Fishing and gardening were the driving factors for the big move.

I come from a long line of gardeners. It’s in my blood. Every generation, as far back as I can find, were farmers. Three generations ago, my family were the Grapes of Wrath. The last three generations were pickers in California. I’m the first generation in my family to not work in the fields. I learned to garden from my granny as my mom didn’t want to do field work at home.

I earned bachelor and master degrees in biology and my favorite subject was plant physiology.  That was 20 years ago and I still have a deep love of plant science.

Over the years I’ve gardened in California, Republic of Panama, Tennessee, New Mexico, and now the Oregon Coast.

I’m a groupie at local OSU Extension Service classes and workshops. Doesn’t matter if it’s on roses, native pollinators or composting – I’m there and learning as much as I can.

We bought a home and are in the process of converting a big lawn into a super fabulous garden. This blog covers that journey.

Fun Facts about Rebecca

Fun facts are a great way to get to know someone a little better. Here are some things you otherwise wouldn’t know about me. 
  • My daughter and I are in business together. We do e-commerce from home. I sell on Amazon and Ebay and she creates beautiful, funny or political journals and t-shirts.
  • I have a goal of creating the “perfect” garden journal and publishing it.
  • I have two kids, the other is a son and he’s in college.
  • I love fishing – second to gardening.
  • My husband courted me with fish. I managed an urban fishery and he managed the fish hatchery that stocked our ponds. He’d bring extra and big fish to wow me. It worked.
  • Stephen set the hook on our relationship when he pulled up at my house with truck bed full of weird equipment. It was a contraption to run his truck on hydrogen power. He’s so HOT!
  • We have 4 goats, 10 chickens, 4 turkeys, 2 meat rabbits, and a dog… as of this writing.
  • Most of my jobs have been in education or in water quality.
  • My second job out of college was as a chemist at a waste water treatment plant. I set crap on fire and weighed it… literally.
  • I weave on a floor loom. Mostly kitchen towels (pic below). When I’m not breaking yarn and cussing, it’s very zenful. 🙂


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